Urea Licensor (Stamicarbon) appointed

NeuRizer h(NRZ) as approved the appointment of another top tier international company, Stamicarbon as the urea licensor for the NeuRizer Urea Project (NRUP).

This last step brings together all the partners (see below) required for the completion of the NRUP FEED: 

  • DL E&C Co Ltd (DL) – as EPCC;
  • The syngas production IP/knowhow owned by NRZ;
  • The ammonia technology/licence with world leader KBR;
  • Merichem (SRU) for the sulphur removal;
  • The urea technology/licence with world leader Stamicarbon.

Stamicarbon will provide the following Scope of Work to KBR, NRZ and DL for the Urea component of the FEED:

  • Project Design Package (PDP), post PDP services;

KBR will act as Integrator of the Stamicarbon PDP with their own, and present a whole package to DL.

Read the full announcement below.

Urea Licensor (Stamicarbon) appointed