Growing our future Safely

is more than just a corporate media line, our people chose what it should be, which has given it purpose and a sense of ownership.

Safety is the number one priority in our workplace. We are committed to:

  • Providing and maintaining a workplace that is safe, both physically and psychosocially, and prevents injury and harm to all employees, workers, and visitors;
  • Have regular discussions with employees to ensure that any work health and safety issues or concerns are regularly reviewed;
  • Continuously improving work health and safety by addressing hazards and reviewing outcomes; and
  • Prioritising safety.

Health and Safety Policy Statement

1 – Objective

NeuRizer is committed to providing and maintaining a workplace that is safe and prevents injury and harm to all employees, workers and visitors. We are committed to regular discussions with employees to ensure that any Health and Safety issues or concerns are regularly reviewed, and we are committed to continuously improving Health and Safety by addressing hazards and reviewing outcomes.

2 – Strategies

To meet the objectives of this Health and Safety Statement we will:

  • Maintain and improve the Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) across the company;
  • Adopt risk management principles and practices which identify potential hazards, evaluates risk and acts to eliminate, control and mitigate any immediate dangers and workplace hazards;
  • Accept our legal and ethical obligations to ensure our workplaces are safe;
  • Consult employees, communicate clearly and encourage employee participation with all matters relating to Health and Safety;
  • Provide adequate resources to employees to ensure continuous improvement and performance through training and education;
  • Report, investigate and record all incidents, accidents and injuries; and
  • Monitor, audit and review the HSMS in accordance with the Auditing procedure.

3 – Responsibilities

All employees of NeuRizer are responsible for ensuring this policy is implemented and have a duty to take care of their own Health and Safety and the Health and safety of others. All employees must comply with safety procedures and reasonable directions and must inform their Supervisor or Manager of any hazards, incidents, accidents, injuries or near misses occurring within the workplace. No employee, worker or visitor is permitted to encourage or coerce another to engage in an unsafe act or an act that an individual believes may be unsafe. Managers must be aware of their allocated responsibilities and ensure that the HSMS is implemented at all times.

Download the NeuRizer Health & Safety Policy