Inclusion & diversity committee

LCK is committed to being an inclusive and diverse workplace.  An Inclusion & Diversity committee was formed so that LCK can continue moving forward with an open-minded workplace.

The Committee brings together employees from different backgrounds, tenures, ethnicities, genders, ages, and more. The role of the Committee is to share their insights and perceptions of what it personally means to work at the Company, how current initiatives are progressing from their viewpoint and what they think would be good for the Company to prioritise.

Having an Inclusion & Diversity Committee at LCK ensures that that we continue to be a workplace where all our diverse backgrounds are not only accepted culturally and socially but also welcomed by all.

Even before there was an Inclusive and Diversity Team, LCK was and continues to demonstrate the importance of oneness and respect to everyone both within and outside the organisation. The environment here never feels like you need to question whether you are part of a team.  You just know you are part of a team that you want to bring together in this exciting journey.  

Alex Mutiso – Senior Environmental Scientist/ Inclusion & Diversity Committee

Photo: Inclusion & diversity committee members L-R. Alex Mutiso, Lesen Lawry, Tammie Salvemini & Trent Anderson