Courage of a teenager

Leni Newham at the short course state championships 2021 – where Leni won 4 state titles

Reflecting on when I met this young teenager Leni Newham a couple of years ago, I remember how quiet she was compared to all the other sugared up children running around for the LCK Christmas party.  I remember sensing there was a calmness about her, a calmness that not many teenagers can uphold.

I believe the calmness she holds along with the courage she shows contributes to her many swimming achievements, ability to perform under pressure and her skill to maintain her dedication.

Courage is something that a lot of us find hard to obtain however Leni showed she has ample amounts of courage when she decided to move to a club unknown to her 100km’s away from her home.  Moving to the Barossa Swimming Club has really paid off even if her parents have to drive 90mins each way, 3 times a week.  The competition at the Barossa Swimming Club has pushed Leni in her training to not only challenge herself but to realise her full potential.

At the age of 13, Leni competed at the Age National Championship for first time where she competed in 6 events and made 4 finals.  Leni holds a SA record in the 50m butterfly and several SA Country records as well.  She now sits in the top 10 for her age group.

This is one young swimmer to watch Australia.