NRZ Executive Chairman Interview

NeuRizer Executive Chairman, Mr. Justyn Peters, was recently interviewed by STK Markets.  During this 10 minute interview Mr Peters provides updates on progress with the following major milestone events related to NRZ’s flagship NeuRizer Urea Project (NRUP) in South Australia:

  1.  Strategic Partner (s) Due Diligence 
  2. Project Financing
  3. Why the recent Barrenjoey Capital Partners appointment (see ASX announcements 10 and 15 March 2023) is a significant event in the context of finalising the Strategic Partner and Project Financing activities for NRUP. 
0:45 – 1:30 An exciting phase for NRZ – the why
2:20Partners capacity
2:40Due Diligence update
3:10Why NRZ appointed Barrenjoey
6:00Why being an agribusiness in the food business is important
7:00BFS and FEED update
8:00Summary and general comments