Infrastructure Agreement signed with South Australian Government

NeuRizer has executed an Infrastructure utilisation Licence Agreement with the South Australian Government for the exclusive use of existing infrastructure at the site of the NeuRizer Urea Project (NRUP), at Leigh Creek in northern South Australia. This agreement allows for significant efficiencies and cost savings by leveraging existing infrastructure on site.
Highlights of the announcement are:

The licence covers such items as:

  • Administration building (with existing air conditioning, heating, power and communications) of approximately 1,040m2 in size – includes reception area, offices, meeting rooms, lunch room, storage, and additional administration facilities comprising of a 330m2 training and medical facility and 295m2 maintenance support building;
  • Major warehouse of approximately 3,120m2 in size, containing a 36 tonne gantry crane, three-phase power, heating and cooling, high entry and egress points, and administration area;
  • Maintenance warehouse of 3,120m2 with 15 tonne gantry crane;
  • Drill/blast shed of 600m2 with 10 tonne gantry crane;
  • Storage sheds of approximately 1,980m2 and 885m2 respectively;
  • Equipment and vehicle wash facility;
  • Various other smaller buildings;
  • Extensive network of Groundwater monitoring and production wells.

Infrastructure Agreement signed with SA Government