Alan Kohler Interview with NRZ Exec Chair

NeuRizer Executive Chairman Justyn Peters was recently interviewed by prominent Australian financial Journalist, Alan Kohler.

In this wide ranging interview a variety of topics were covered:

  1. NeuRizer cash management strategy
  2. NeuRizer partner in China, Meijin Energy Investment (Hainan) Co Ltd (MEI) – who are they?  What is their business focus?  Why are they partnering with NeuRizer?
  3. Hydrogen economy in China
  4. NeuRizer/MEI JV in China – progress
  5. MEI licensing and NeuRizer patents
  6. The process of manufacturing industrial scale urea
  7. History of the NeuRizer Urea Project (NRUP) site
  8. NeuRizer process technology/product options/why urea?
  9. Urea economics
  10. NRUP a disruptive process – margin between production costs and revenue – significant
  11. Food security for Australia
  12. NRUP project economics
  13. Barrenjoey Capital Partner appointment – why?  Role?
  14. Strategic partner progress
  15. Justyn career overview

The interview can be accessed here.

Please note that this interview was conducted by Alan Kohler for his Eureka Report, which is a paid subscription service.  However, a 15-free trial period is available to new users of this service.