Tammie’s the glue that keeps LCK office functioning

Every office has a pivotal member of staff in charge of keeping the behind-the-scenes operations functioning and Leigh Creek Energy’s (LCK) Adelaide-based location is no exception.

While management continues to direct LCK towards commercial success, Tammie Salvemini is in the background contributing on multiple fronts.

Her background in marketing, as well as an office manager and business owner makes her a Jack of all trades, and her day-to-day tasks vary from corporate logistics to office communications.

But she takes the greatest pleasure in running the community benefits program, opening the door to charity and sponsorship opportunities supporting Far North and Flinders communities.

She’s spearheaded LCK supporting initiatives including SA Backpacks 4 Kids, regional junior sports sponsorship and Leigh Creek-based educational programs and infrastructure.

“I enjoy what I do at LCK because I feel like I’m making a difference,” Tammie said. 

“Both internally for the company, and outside as well.

“The charity drives, community initiatives and general attitude towards helping others is something LCK prides itself on as a company, and I’m glad I can contribute to that.”

Often regarded in the office as the ‘glue’ holding the place together, Tammie’s versatility is built on her infectious personality and ability to resonate with everyone she meets.

Her approachable nature played a role in her proudest moment at LCK, when she was involved with heritage agreements at the company’s site at the former Leigh Creek coal fields, taking part in site tours and discussions with traditional owners.

“I enjoy engaging with people, and the heritage tours was an opportunity I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute while doing something I really enjoy,” Tammie said.

“It’s another reason I like LCK – I get to engage with locals and rural communities, and contribute to maintaining the internal harmony in the office. 

“There’s also a clear ladder for progression within the company, and an ability for employees to delve into other areas.”