Leigh Creek Energy makes major donation to Black Dog Institute

At Leigh Creek Energy (LCK) we are always honoured to sponsor, support and donate to our local and surrounding communities, whether it be the local sports team, the local doctor or a Christmas BBQ.  This time we are donating to an Institute close to our hearts.

Being in the mining industry can be a rewarding and gratifying profession but for some it can be a hard road to travel, especially for men. The FIFO requirements, long hours on site capped with the pressure of fitting back into normal life during time off, can be challenging for some.

During this very challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic, where families in the mining industry have either been separated for longer periods of time due to isolating, stood down from their position or working from home, it is now even more vital to raise awareness of mental health.  While depression (and other mental illnesses) are often accompanied by suicidal thoughts, these thoughts can also occur out of the blue, such as during times of great stress and life changes (like during a pandemic).

Suicidal thoughts can be overwhelming, and some may find it difficult to find their voice to speak up and seek help. The Black Dog Institute are at the forefront of research into improving our understanding of suicidality, and developing more effective treatments and tools for people who seek support.

In 2019, we lost someone close to us to suicide. This person was one to always look after others but faced challenges along the way. The Black Dog Institute will receive a donation of $10,000 from LCK, not only in memory of this person but in memory of anyone who has experienced mental illness or died by suicide.

Studies have shown that for every suicide death there are 30 other people who attempt suicide.  This needs to change.

The Black Dog Institute is a medical research institute and not-for-profit organisation, which is working to prevent suicide and improve mental health outcomes through science, compassion and action. Black Dog Institute’s education programs with schools, communities, workplaces and health professionals are helping people to better understand signs and symptoms of mental illness, and know where to seek help when they need it.

To help improve access to help and support, Black Dog has also developed a range of evidence-based, freely available and confidential online apps and programs for building good mental health such as myCompass and HeadGear.

HeadGear is an easy-to-use app that guides you through a 30–day mental fitness challenge designed to build resilience and wellbeing – it’s even been found to prevent depression and reduce symptoms of depression. It features a range of simple engaging daily activities to help reduce and manage stress, improve sleep, connect better with friends and deal with difficult situations.

myCompass is an online self-help program for people with mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress. It’s also for people who simply want to build good mental health. Its core features include fourteen different interactive learning activities and a lifestyle tracking feature to help users better understand themselves and learn strategies to improve their mental health. The learning activities deliver proven psychological techniques used by doctors and psychologists such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

“We know the tremendous challenges employees and their families in the mining industry face, and we are very grateful for the generous donation made by Leigh Creek Energy. Not only will it help us to further our important work in mental health research and suicide prevention, but we hope that it also raises awareness among the Leigh Creek community on the importance of talking about suicide and mental illness, and seeking help when it is needed. Thank you to everyone at Leigh Creek Energy.”

Karen Elliff, Director, Fundraising and Development, Black Dog Institute

“After working in this industry for over 3 decades it is concerning to see mental health issues are still largely unspoken about in the male population, as an organisation LCK  is continually striving to help our staff members and their families through difficult periods in their life when needed.  We are thankful for industries like Black Dog Institute and we hope our donation will help to assist in their research into finding ways to support and help people through mental illness’ 

Phil Staveley, Managing Director, Leigh Creek Energy 

If you or anyone you know needs help:

Author: Tammie Salvemini