LCK supports Leigh Creek Area School’s choir tour

Leigh Creek Area School (LCAS) students showcased their talents and visited some of Adelaide’s most well-known attractions recently as part of a tour for the annual Festival Of Music. 

Leigh Creek Energy (LCK) sponsored the tour, which featured students from the Leigh Creek and Copley area, as well as Hawker and the southern Flinders Ranges.

Eight Flinders Ranges children attended, with four of the girls from years 5-7 taking part on stage at the festival, and four children from years 3 and 4 attending the camp to learn all about what goes on in readiness for participating at the next event later in 2020.

LCAS teacher and chaperone Amanda Hilder said the students spent three nights in Adelaide, some for the first time, with all children getting along well and enjoying the experience.

“We had a great time and enjoyed some special activities before our night up on stage at the Festival Theatre with hundreds of other South Australian students from years 5-7,” Amanda said. 

“We were also lucky to visit the Adelaide Zoo, made possible through funding from Leigh Creek Energy.

“We are very grateful Tammie Salvemini walked the tickets over from the city to meet us at the Zoo.”

Other features of the trip included a visit to the South Australia Museum where students were treated to a mini-concert from the South Australian Primary School’s Orchestra, and a tour of the South Australia National Art Gallery.

However, the highlight for students and teachers was the Festival of Music, where the students took centre stage.

“Our four choir girls made us so proud on the night,” Amanda said.

“They performed beautifully and those of us not on stage watched the concert with happiness as we viewed a huge variety of performances with the choir being central to most.  

“Thank you to Leigh Creek Energy, and to everyone that made this camp possible and a great success.”