Copley Cricket Team

This year the Copley Cricket Team was back in full swing having a great year with winning 5 out of 6 games and then going on to be the champions of the season winning the grand final which was played at their home ground in Copley against Quorn.

The Copley Cricket Team was officially established in 1997, but prior to the establishment of the league there was a social cricket club with the old training pitch in Copley dated 1912.  There is no surprise as to why the club has had such success in their seasons.

Leigh Creek Energy are proud to continue sponsorship with this well established and successful cricket team.

“This year it was great having LCK as a sponsor, obviously with the downsize in community members over the last few years we do not always get too many people to the home games, which makes it hard to raise enough money to fund equipment etc. All the players are very appreciative to have LCK as sponsors”. – Tyson Ridsdale – Copley Cricket Team captain

“Great to see the Copley Cricket Team finish off the season taking the cup.  A great team that LCK sponsors” Tammie Salvemini – Sponsorship Coordinator

Photos: Copley Cricket Team 2021