500 Miles of Music

LCK was a proud sponsor of the Leigh Creek leg of the 500 Miles of Music festival. While it was a chilly night staff braced the cold under the sparkling stars to witness some great Australian country talent.

As with all events now the festival was faced with challenges as the brilliant line up of artist could not attend due to last minute boarder closures.  This did not stop the show going ahead.  Management managed to gather some amazing acts and while all singers sang like it was their last performance the last act Wolfe Brothers had everyone up and dancing the cold chill of the country air away.

This is one country festival that should not be missed.  It brings communities from far and wide together, a variety of people and sense that community spirits still lives on in these difficult times.

Photo: LCK staff – Tammie Salvemini, Trent Anderson and John Centofanti